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    Question Rotating Bitmaps with SDL

    I'm trying to make my first real graphical C++ program by using SDL in Visual C++. One problem I have is that it's kind of a lunar lander type of thing, so I need to rotate the ship freely. I could make different animations for each time the ship would rotate 45 degrees, but is there just some way to rotate bitmaps in SDL using a single bitmap? Do I need to use OpenGL to do it? Is it easy?

    thanks in advance.

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    Either use SDL_gfx (kinda slow for realtime when the images are larger)

    Or you could use SDL w/ OpenGL, and if you don't know any OpenGL check out ZEngine which I wrote, requires almost 0 knowledge of SDL or OpenGL unless you're doing something really really fancy.

    Rotation is as simple as:
    PHP Code:
    ZImage image("something.bmp");

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