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    triangular collision detection

    I'm trying to make a space invaders clone, and I want to check to see if a bullet has hit the triangular ship. I can't really figure how to do this, so I've put in this makeshift solution:
    for (i = 1; i <= numbullets; ++i) 
        if (bullet[i].x >= ship.x - 10 && bullet[i].x <= ship.x + 10 &&
            bullet[i].y >= ship.y - 15 && bullet[i].y <= ship.y &&
            bullet[i].dy > 0) {
   -= 10;
    but this is letting bullets hit the empty space around the skinny end of the ship. Does anyone have a better way to run this test?

    complete source/game
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    If you don't want to do a "point-within-polygon" type algorithm, you can approximate a triangle with a group of rectangles - imagine a stack of rectangles with the same height and decreasing width. Testing if a point is within a rect is easy.

    Just a thought.


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