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    Exclamation new game project need help

    I am now i the making of a new game. It will be about hacking. I have no other info becuase i have not even create the game docs. I am in need of somine with good exparence with C++. We will be putting together the game doc together. If you are truely interrested in the creating this game and game doc then either do one of the follow 3 things:
    1. E-mail me at with their e-mail adress, AIM if you have one, MSN is you have one
    2. Contact me on AIM(mine is NWN123) or msn(mine is liquid_ice_programmer)
    3. repley to this forum with your e-mail, aim(if you have one), msn(if you have one).

    Thank for listening to me.

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    You're new so you might not be aware that recruitment posts are against board rules.

    That and the fact that these types of projects almost never work out (ie: I have no experience and I have no game design but I have an idea that I want someone with some experience to help me form an online dev team to create). The success factor is really low. Especially given that you have no game mechanics, goals, etc. planned out.

    Not trying to be rude, just realistic.

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