Someone please take my graphic and put it into a game...

About 3 years ago, some guy on the internet was looking for
someone to create some sprites for his Doom-esque game. I
spent many hours making this soldier, pixel by pixel. Anyway
the game never happened...

not with my graphic anyway. The guy sent me an early version
of the game, but it only allowed you to walk forward until you hit
a wall. Couldn't turn or anything without the game crashing. He
never got around to adding my character. It sucks, too, I did
so many animations with that character; shooting, dying, walking.
Argh! I even started doing multiple viewpoints..

I don't have any of the animations, but I do have the original
bitmap. Please, please, please, someone put him to good use.
He has no place in the project I'm working on now (he's too
dark; too scary).

Come on, just use him... He's actually kinda cute.