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    Lightbulb first game

    i've been trying to programme a game for ages now but i never get around to. Can someone please tell me how i would from start to finish make a 2d tetris game in open GL using visual c++. Can someone please please help me.

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    i did a similar project myself, but some advice to you is to try and at LEAST make a *variant* of Tetris -- it'll be a lot more rewarding that way...

    although there're no universal steps to make a game as such, here are some:

    1) Know the OpenGL API to the extent of what's required (i.e. block (polygon) drawing; initialization / deinitialization
    2) Draw up a rough sketch of the game screen
    3) Decide on how to represent blocks (i.e. 4x4 matrix / bit-field)
    4) Work out matrix rotation routines for blocks
    5) Develop in small parts (i.e. code up graphical routines as they are required, then move on to higher-level coding)

    if you want to see my version (in Assembly), goto -> Linkup . Also, for help on concepts, either email me, or better still, post here!!

    Peter Kimberley

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    yeah, the best way to go for something like a tetris clone would be to make it as segmented as possible. It makes the process of debugging easier when you know where your problem has got to be (in what function).

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