Thread: consule games (xbox ps2, gc) written in c++?

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    consule games (xbox ps2, gc) written in c++?

    hey i was wondering if consule games were written in a programming language similar to c++, or in c++, cuz i thought somewhere on this board some ppl were talking about it, but i couldnt find it, and my friend doesnt believe me

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    some may have some c++ code but most are odeing in opengl and direct x
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    Originally posted by LouDu
    some may have some c++ code but most are odeing in opengl and direct x
    OpenGL and DirectX are Graphics API's. You use them in languages like C/C++.
    To answer the first guys question: Most modern console games are programmed in C/C++/Assembly.

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    I'm sure that most consoles use C/C++/ASM and they probably have their own graphics APIs which are similar to OGL or DX.
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    XBox uses DirectX I believe.

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    In order to produce a game for a console, you need to get a license that costs thousands of dollars. Then you need to buy a new C++ compiler for the console, which costs a couple hundred dollars. Once you're done with the game, you have to pay royalties to Sony/Nintendo/etc.

    Now, with PC, almost everything you need is free(except your computer of course). Heck, Microsoft even gives away DirectX for free!

    So, yes console games are written in C++/C, but don't plan on using C/C++ to write console games any time soon.
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    haha, i wont be writing consul games anytime in this lifetime, im still working making dos programs (and low level programs at that).

    and thx for all the replies, thats kinda wut i thought, although i didnt know anything about the opengl or directx stuff. thats pretty cool tho.
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    Well, to program in some consoles you dont have spend much money, with Dreamcast. you could use VC++ and some free software to test oyur games on the Dreamcast then either make or buy a cable to do the transfers. Not the Sega certified way but cheap.

    If anyone has the slightest interest in DC programming.
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