Thread: How to draw circles with DX9?? Please help

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    How to draw circles with DX9?? Please help

    I'd like to know how to draw (or at least some links)
    - circles
    - cilynders
    - sphere

    and a sort of wall with a round hole in it.

    everything done with directx.

    Thank you very much

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    Well you have some options. You can hard code all of the triangles yourself and just render them that way but it is kind of dirty. There are some Direct3D X helper library functions that make life a little easier. There is one for creating a sphere D3DXCreateSphere( ). This will give you a mesh and you can draw it that way. Alternatively you can have someone or make yourself, some very simple 3D Max models. You can output them as ascii and the vertices are easy to read in. To create circles just use a triangle fan and render as many triangles as necessary. Or just use a texture or a circle, depends what you are doing.

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