Thread: anyone want to host me?

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    anyone want to host me?

    hey, I'm looking for someone to host my downloads....preferably someone who is allowed a lot of bandwidth...

    the thing is, with Brinkster, I'm only allowed to have files that are <1 meg big....and that REALLY sucks when you are developing games with, it's either get rid of my sound, or find someone to host my games....

    if anyone is willing to host my games, please email me, or just reply here, or even PM me if you want.

    if you don't know what my games are, you can check out some screen shots of them at

    there are also other screen shots here:
    the pix are near the bottom, just look for 3 pix right under each other

    and there's 3 pix of my 3 games that are in current development.....

    so please, if anyone is willing to just lend me about 20 megs of space on their server, or even 10...that would be great, i'm really desparate, because there's a lot of people who want to download the games, but are getting angry because none of the links work..........

    thank you in advance for your help

    note to moderators:
    I know this doesn't have to do with gamedev, but this is probably the best place for this forum to go, because most people here probably have their own website....

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    Check your PMs. I just sent you one.

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