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    Violence In Video Games

    ok, it's not really an article, but more of an essay. It's a cause-effect type of essay, for instance: the effect of drugs on the community, or whatever.

    my thing is about "violence in video games", and I was just wondering what everyone else here thought about it, I need a lot of replies, because this will be my one internet site I can use (already posted at, but nobody ever replies to anything there, lol)

    so, just write what you think about it, this is a pretty open forum, just don't stray off-topic please
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    Thumbs up rply:

    Well, here's my opinion. I believe that if violence can be put in movies and tv then it can be just as right in video games. With that there should be a rating system, like there is now, but I don't think that video game stores should be able to stop someone from buying a game because they're under aged unless there's a certain ammount of nudity which 11 year olds really should'nt have there hands on... definetly 13 is a good age for that stuff. There really should be no limit to violence, let the parents or the child decide on what's right for themselves. Don't destroy the fun for everybody else(Yah! Me love DOA!!!). Ok, so I tried to answer your question as best as I could, it was kind'a general. Oh, and I hope that everybody in this place looks into the latest DOA, damn it has a great physics engine

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    I assume you mean how violence in games affects kids. I would have to say it must desensitize them somewhat, but not to the extent of what some extremists (Joe Liberman) think. I think that if they would go to school with a gun, they would have done it regardless of the games they've played. The way the media blamed games on the "I am god" note left by the "snipers" was absurd. They said that that is a cheat you type in in some game, and that that could be why they did that. **sigh** Religions also say that God is almighty, so it was religion that caused them to murder all those people too.

    Good luck on your paper,

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    Violence in video games does not cause real world violence. Lax gun control and careless parents/teachers not noticing a kid descending into muderous insanity cause it.

    I also think that the censoring/rating of video games is way too stirct; any sane person over the age of 5 can tell the difference between video games and reality.

    EDIT: In addition, I think that playing violent video games helps you to let go of your violent urges.
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    Talking ...

    Oh yah, and I also think that the person that plays with the violence needs first some sort of instability to actually make the violence happen off the console. Basically, if your sick enough to kill somebody because of a video game, you've been sick for a while, not at all because of video games. Oh yah, and did I mention that DOA has a greaaat physics engine?

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    What matters is the user-end, If i play carmageddon for hours
    I won't jump in any car, If so then the person is the problem NOT
    the game. It's like saying the gun is the problem instead of the

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    its the parents fault IMO. I mean, look at it, I have played video games since I was 2, and played DOOM since it was out(i was 5 or 6 at the time) and I am perfectly fine. My parents taught me since a young age that violence on tv is not like violence in real life, you cant fall off a cliff, and have a boulder crush you only to come back 5 seconds later.

    I look at it now adays, and half the 8 year olds I meet think Goku and Vegeta from DBZ are real people(my siblings watch that crap). The reason being, parents nowadays slump off, sit on their bums at work all day, leaving johny with a sitter that really doesnt give a dang about the affect she has on young children.

    so, two words, Parent's Fault.

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    i dont think video games are anymore to blame for violence in this country than... bowling(from the movie bowling for columbine) it's dumb to assign blame to games, a game is exactly that a game, something that is set in a fictional world therefor IT ISNT REAL... i agree w/the guys above, if you are sick enough to carry an ozie into a classroom and mow down the class, it wouldnt matter, he/she would have done it regardless of what games the killer played... what if the killer liked to play tetris? could tetris be behind this agrivated rage? of course not, it is downright obsurd to say that a game could cause someone to do such a horrible thing!
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