Thread: Writing a DOOM style game in VC++ & OGL

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    Zeeshan Zia

    Writing a DOOM style game in VC++ & OGL

    I'm writing a DOOM style 3D game in VC++. I've learned OGL by Nehe's tutorial and also know about Portals, Backface Culling etc.

    Here are steps i'd be doing for the basic engine :

    1. Create the datastructures
    2. Create a file-structure from which the world can be loaded into these datastructs.
    3. Create a function which can render the world from these datastructures, and me move around, based on Portals and also employing backface culling.
    4. Create the virtual representation of the player (a class which will also be used for the representation)
    5. Add Collision detection.
    6. Enemies and AI

    Are these steps in the right order and sufficient ???

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    Except that DOOM was not 3D. DOOM used raycasting and heightmapping.

    If you want to code a 3D doom-like engine, then you are on the right track, but there is much, much, much, much more to it.

    The DOOM source is up on the net at or you can go to and look at his tutorials. He has a very fast raycasting example of doom-like walls, doors, etc., and explains the principle behind all of it. On modern computers, his engine is too fast.

    Peroxide is also making Ultima I: A Legend is Reborn which is true 3D. You might want to check it out while you are there.

    Also go to which has tons of examples for 3D coding.

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