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    Universal Engine

    I'm wondering for a while, How come there can't be an Universal
    Engine that can do just about everything you want (sound,3D,2D,
    input), I know that they're alot of engine out there that contain
    these elements but how come developers keep creating new
    engines? I can imagine one creating a new engine to implent
    the latest on graphics and sound but i also see alot engines
    popping that aren't really better then existing ones? The second
    reason i can think of is you'll have to pay money to use an

    Your thoughts on this subject please.

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    Having an engine that could do *anything* would be incredibly slow...

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    Oke, But what's the difference between for example the UT2003
    Engine and the Quake3 Engine? Why create a new one? I'm
    convinced the Quake3 Engine can do everything the UT2003
    Engine can, And the Quake3 Engine is the fastest running
    engine i know.

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    they're completely different companies developing independently, that's how they're different. The reason for 'making a new engine' is they each want to develop the superior gaming engine, otherwise one would have to pay the other to use the already developed engine.

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    That's redicilous, Most Engines are nothing compared to for
    example the Quake3 engine, How superior is that? Is it
    soully for competition?

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    The Q3 Engine is old and made for first-person shooters.
    Warcraft 3, for example, wouldn't work using the Q3 engine.
    I think it'd be dull to play games if everyone used the same engine. The games would look too similar. I think the Ut2003 graphics looks alot better than Q3 (which is logical, since Q3 is very old).
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    u can lease the quake game engine from idsoftware for r u ready:



    unreal is 1/3 slower than quake3. on any system.
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