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    i dont know

    i started a course in c recently and was asked to write a program to traverse a maze. i am clueless could you email me some advise/help

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    AUH! That was a serious sting in the eye. Your title must
    represent the problem, Asking for help through email is not
    allowed. You're giving barely information!

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    a good rule of thumb for this board is to dig into your school asignemts and write out whatever code you can think of, then come up with a specific question to post here, along with the code you have already created...
    I came up with a cool phrase to put down here, but i forgot it...

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    Don't ask for a personal email - the board will send an email when a post is replied to if you desire. Use that and check back when you get a reply; the board moves messages up. The email feature will also send the text of the reply to you.

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