Thread: what was your first game?

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    what was your first game?

    what was the very first computer game you ever developed? mine was Asteroids, and was quite fun, except that the code is illegible, lol, because I didn't comment anything

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    wow! that was your first computer game you wrote..i wrote a win32 console tic tac toe must be some programmer
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    Commenting is over rated. I use to comment EVERYTHING.

    Now, I comment about 3 single lines for entire 'systems' of code. ie particle systems, sprite systems.

    Turns out, my first game (FINISHED) is worms/nibbles/snakes clone.
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    first and only, working on my second (slowly *sigh*), was a text game.

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    Guess the Number
    Treasure Hunt (still very buggy and sloppy coding)

    The first two are totaly ANSI compatible as far as I know but the third was made using a self defined gotoxy() function (forget where I got it though).

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    My first game? Pacman of course
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    My first true game i wrote on my calculator, It was a TicTacToe,
    with an unbeatable AI .

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    First game ever: Guess the Number, written in LOGO.

    First game in C++: A really simple text game. It had about 4 rooms, and the game took around 2 minutes to beat.
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    My first 'real' game was written in QBasic (Graphics, mode 7). It was a puzzle game where you picked up gems on the ground. You had to pick all of them on a level to get to the next. There was a total of 9 levels, I think. It was also turn based (You move then the enemy move etc...)
    You could walk in 4 directions, while avoiding enemies and holes in the ground.
    There were 3 different enemy types, each one with a unique (but simple) AI movement. One walking randomly, one walking the opposite that you do and the last one always walking towards you. You could lure them down into the holes to kill them.

    Unfortunately, this game was lost in a format...


    I did a couple of text program before this, like "Guess the number", but I don't see the as 'real' games.
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    My first game was a Pong game using GDI and VB.
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    Well, first game I ever made was a Win32 TicTacToe... second-fifth were custom mud codebases (I kept redoing them) and then a little space game with SDL that sucks..

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    my first graphic game was (like so many others) pong. it was funny because the computer paddle moved with the ball so it could never be beat!!! lol

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    Text based adventure.

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    How do you use OpenGL is it another language or like a library or direct X or whatever any help?

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    In my first game, you owned an icecream kiosk and had to sell as many icecreams as possible while worrying about economy and weather.
    It was text-based.

    EDIT: Hehe, it's still on the web! (I have to remove my old webpage soon)

    Anyway, here's my very first game (my first C++ program actually) anno 1999 (March).

    My first DirectX game was released one month later, it was called MegaBall II. I made quite a few 8-bit DirectDraw games at that time, but they aren't on the web (I think, hehe).
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