Thread: C++ on opengl & direct3d

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    Smile C++ on opengl & direct3d

    Hi everyone;

    why is it that any book or tutorial i read on either opengl or direct3d is done with C++?

    is it because thats the native language to both or its done easier by using C++?

    if i want to try it in c is there a tutorial which is c friedly?i like to have the latest directgraphic tutorial.

    i thought opengl was C friendly,well c u all!

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    OpenGL is usable with almost any language on the planet.
    The reason why the tutorial is done in C++ is just a preference
    of the writer, Nothin else.

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    NeHe's tutorials has the code in everything from assembly to delphi to c to ada to visual SNOBOL++. I guess you can kind of think of a library file as a database that contains all of the information for methods, and the linker/interpreter/assembler/zaphoider extracts that information from that file so you can do stuff with it! I'm drunk!

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    can we use win32 sound functions or for that matter GDI functions
    in conjuction with a program that is graphicaly based on opengl?

    did QUAKE for instance used directmusic and input and sound while using opengl for graphics?

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    Of course you can mix Win32 and (Opengl or DirectX) - that's what the dialogues, windows, and buttons - as well as the program is win32 architecture. However, mixing OpenGL and DirectX together is not recommended - remember u have to load the libraries of the things you use so having a DirectX and OpenGL module/dll loaded in mem at the same time is self-defeating.

    When u use OpenGL or DirectX u r telling the comp to use Hardware instead of software rendering, that's all it is - wrapped up in a nice API. If ur using DirectX then use DirectX for all - if u decide on OpenGL find some nice 2D and Audio API's to supplement.

    Or use hardware specific API's and assembly from Nvidia or similar company.
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