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    Cool Number Race

    I just started learning C++ a couple weeks ago and here's my first 'official' program.

    It's based on a guessing game except that you move one space forward on a race track every time you get the number right.

    I've included the .exe, the .cpp file, and the Visual C++ project file.

    Oh, and please tell me what you think.

    Download it at

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    Not bad..

    Not bad mate... though in your instructions it says pick a # 1-10 and in the game sometimes the number is 0.
    Also, after you play a game and win.. if u click New game again it doesn't reset the game it starts off where it left off (which is the end of the game)
    Might want to put a prompt while playing the game..

    "Pick a #(0-10): "

    so for someone who didn't read the instructions would still know what to do as most people who play games.. or atleast me are too lazy to read instructions...

    Oh also the game freaks out and goes into an infinite loop if an integer is not inputed .. u might want to compare user input with a range of ASCII values to make sure user inputed a number

    Good game though... simple, yet fun.. nicely done

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