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    I have bought it, also, I believe it's worth the $70.00, I learned so much from it. It may or may not be good for you, if you learn better by looking at examples of code with really detailed comments then it's good for you. I believe it's one of the best tutorials out there! Just they focus more on C++, so if you're wanting to learn a lot about C#, C# or Java, then you can, but not as much of detail as C++ has in the CD/Download.
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    thank you so much tylermoyer. this sound very good to me. i usually work with c and c#, but also with c++.

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    For Making Networked Games

    For those interested in making multiplayer games, here's a paper on "Trailing State Synchronization". It provides a nice overview of the major concepts involved in different schemes of game networking.
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    Here are 2 good sdl tutorials:

    Lazy Foo' Productions


    Moosader - Games, Apps, Tutorials and more! (still under construction).

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    This feels like a bit of a thread necro, but I was told to post here so....

    The site I am recommending is Game From Scratch | The art and science of game creation, from beginning till end.

    Of specific interest to most people here will be the Beginner's Guide which although a long read covers a number of topics that new game developers have to answer early on. It covers the most popular language selections, then for each language breaks down learning links, book recommendations, tool/IDE resources and the most popular programming libraries. If you are just starting out, it is a good place to begin.

    If you decided to go with C++, or are a beginner level C++ programmer and want to get better there is the Game From Scratch Complete game in C++ tutorial This tutorial as also very long, currently at 8 chapters and growing, but it covers concepts in great detail. It is as much or more a C++ primer as it is a game programming tutorial. It bridges the gap between code samples and full programs showing you how to implement a non-trivial program using real world OO programming. You should be able to take what you learn here and scale it up to a game of almost any complexity. As a result, it is the worlds most engineered Pong tutorial! Note though, it will not teach you to program, it assumes you have at least a basic understanding of C or C++ programming ( syntax, ifs loops, variables, etc ). But if you have had trouble learning OO because making a dog bark isn't all that intuitive to you, this might be a good place to go.

    Finally and completely unrelated is When starting out, its amazing how much more motivating it is to work with good artwork instead of a red box and blue triangle! The quality on this site varies massively, but some work is quite good and the price is right!

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    When I was first getting into the idea of Game programming I found Riemers XNA Tutorial > Home really useful, I startes with the XNA tutes and will move onto the C++/DirectX ones when I get time..

    What I really would like to say is what a page of links! Lovely Jubbly! Thanks

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    The Book |

    This is a free book focusing on the new features of Open GL 4.0 there is not much depreciated material here, for a free book I was pretty surprised.
    You will have to have a graphics card that supports OpenGL 4.0 in order to run 99% of the code in this book.
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    Really love the Google Doodle for kids programming. I think it's a really fun way of introducing programming basics to newbies and should be employed on a wider scale in the schools across Pakistan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Slytherin View Post
    Really love the Google Doodle for kids programming. I think it's a really fun way of introducing programming basics to newbies and should be employed on a wider scale in the schools across Pakistan.

    Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding
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