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    CDX - Wrapper classes for DirectX (Free)

    I think they're pretty cool and I'm currently using it to write a "shmup" (shoot 'em up).

    They've basically wrapped DirectX and added a few classes to support 2D and 3D games programming, although I haven't checked out the 3D classes yet.

    I find it quite useful and easy to use and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to get bogged down by the DirectX COM interfaces.

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    My site:

    It's got a few basic C++ tutorials and one on tile engines. It's a work in progress, so don't expect too much out of it.

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    My Site
    I am developing a Basic language for game development that is open GL based and I have tutorials once I finish transfering the content over to my new portal i made.

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    needs proper language support installed but a decent site it looks

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    Well thanks, but i just redid the whole site to look better. I will take your advice and add the language support. I am going to probably add the content to the site today. I now use snartor's ezportal instead of mine, but it is nicer. lol

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    i meant the link i posted, but your sites nice too

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    Exclamation Bloodshed's DEV C++ and Directx8.1

    Good tutorial for learning game programming. Finally being able to compile Lamothe's Directx8.1 stuff with bloodshed

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    Not really a tutorial but a useful link that you can download all kinds of graphics libaries and other goodies

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    Here's a cool DOS game tutorial/code page:

    I would've loved that tutorial if...if I had Windows lol.

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    This site just came out this week. Has a few lessons right now, and more are on the way. Also has source code for games, more to be added as well.

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    My combined, and origanized, list of sites I've ran by to do with game programming (some from this topic). Non are dead links at the moment of me posting this.

    Graphics Libraries:
    |-- OpenGL (official) -
    |-- NeHe Productions - //great start to OGL 3D programming
    |-- Red Book I - //eBook
    |-- Megabyte Softworks -
    |-- Cone3D -
    |-- Null Terminator - //opengl/c++/win32 tutorial
    |-- Delphi3D - //opengl/delphi demos
    |-- Lighthouse 3D - //tutorials
    |-- OpenGL Source - //CHINESE
    |__Libraries for OpenGL: //audio, mouse, keyboard, etc.
    |--- SDL -
    |---- PLIB - //combination of libraries/toolkits
    |__Addons for OpenGL: //windows, buttons, scroll bars, checkboxes, etc.
    |--- Toolkit: FreeGLUT - //more updated than GLUT
    |--- Toolkit: GLUT -
    |-------- Wrapper: GLOW - //wrapper for GLUT (best for gaming IMHO)
    |-------- Library: GLUI - //library for GLUT
    |--- Framework: Qt -
    |--- Toolkit: FLTK -
    |--- Toolkit: GTK+ -
    |-------- Extension: GtkGLExt - //extension to GTK
    |--- Toolkit: GLAM -
    |--- Toolkit: LibUFO -
    |--- Toolkit: GLFW - //framework
    |--- Toolkit: vGUI -
    |--- Framework: TURSKA -
    |--- Framework: GLGOOEY -

    _DirectX: //Direct3D/Sound/Input/etc (libraries) combined together is DirectX
    |-- DX Developer Center (official) -
    |-- nVidia Developer -
    |-- GameDev D3D -
    |-- sunlight -
    |-- Drunken Hyena -
    |-- NeXe Productions - //great for beginners
    |-- two kings - //starter tutorials
    |-- Groovyweb - //basic reference
    |-- Games++ -
    |__Libraries for DirectX: //audio, mouse, keyboard, etc.
    |--- CDX -

    |-- Allegro (official) - //links to addons also
    |-- Allegro CC -
    |-- Allegro Webring -
    |-- AllegroGL - //mix OpenGL with Allegro
    |-- Allegro Vivace - //tutorial
    |-- LoomSoft - //tutorial
    |-- AGDN - //tutorials and examples
    |-- C++ Programming - //allegro tutorials

    |-- Mesa3D (official) -


    Game Engines:
    |-- Torque - //paid
    |-- Irrlicht -
    |-- Crystal Space -
    |-- Genesis3D -
    |-- Power Render/Prototype -

    |-- Golden T -

    Full Engines: //game engine, dialog engine, sound engine, etc.
    |- Game Maker

    Game Development Communities:
    |- - // #1 biatch [:]
    |- GameDev -
    |- flipcode -
    |- Gamasutra -

    Game Tutorials/Articles:
    |- GameTutorials - //paid
    |- GameDev -
    |- flipcode -

    |-- Matrices -

    |-- Faqsys -

    Universal Other:
    |- Faqsys - //great! source of concepts
    |- Real-Time Rendering - //great source of information directing you to links
    |- Ultralight Magazine - //tons of docs on game programming
    |- CMP Game Group - //gaming articles/magazine/job listings
    |- Games++ - //algorithms and graphics programming
    |- Half-life Programming -
    Warning: Have doubt in anything I post.

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    An obvious one:
    It's a Game Programming Wiki. (You guessed that because it has wiki in the address, right?)

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    Egypt Game Developers , Yahoo mail group

    there are books and games with source in the files section.

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    Suprised this never made any list:
    "...the results are undefined, and we all know what "undefined" means: it means it works during development, it works during testing, and it blows up in your most important customers' faces." --Scott Meyers

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