Thread: I know i want a good project 2 work on...

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    Zeeshan Zia

    Lightbulb I know i want a good project 2 work on...

    I have learnt good amount of OpenGL with VC++6 Win32 API, and also studied some game programming techniques like BSP Trees, Portals etc.

    --> I want some ideas on what game to do... <--

    I have about one month after which i'll be getting in my books...(for exams)...

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    I am working on an RTS game, you can look over the ideas that we are tossing about on the future forum.

    My game is based on battletech, you can look at the vehicles i have modeled here here.

    Email me if your intrested

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    Make an Unreal emulation!!!
    Think out of the box! Open Source rules!


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