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    Unhappy Directx unnecessary complicated

    I am getting more confused after deciding on directx and reading on early parts of it, now i come up this article written by this very

    old timer programmer that bangs directx for being extremly bloated , huge overhead , unnecessarily super complicated and written wrong from the base up and programmers just have to put up because there is not much competition out there for MS.

    is opengl a more straight forward API . i dont know!

    was classes and com and vf & polymorphin..... supposed to make the job of programmer easier? harder? or boring like a robot.just like MS wanted, where is the fun in programming anymore.

    I wish dos hadnt left the building.

    I give up.

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    OpenGL is strictly a graphics API.

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    Damn, If said the exact same words somewhere earlier in a
    thread, im going to look for it afterward.
    I do agree with you, to much fancy things, but you must take in
    account that opengl is a low level gfx API meaning you can do
    everything yourself and there are now preprogrammed things.
    This has its advantages for beginners but disavatages for profs,
    Having to write EVERYTHING yourself can be a pain.
    I prefer OpenGL *duh*, but as i stated earlyer it all depends on
    your programming style.
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    Re: Directx unnecessary complicated

    Originally posted by SAMSAM

    I wish dos hadnt left the building.

    I give up.
    I don't see what DOS has that Windows or Linux doesn't.

    If you're talking about simple 2D stuff, well, you can use something else, like SDL, Allegro, or what have you. I know SDL does, and I assume Allegro does, use DirectX, but you don't ever have to look at it youself, it's more like a wrapper.

    If you want to do 3D, well, I can't help you there. I haven't learned any 3D yet, but when I do, I'll be using OpenGL, along with SDL for input, sound, etc..

    Anyhow, you don't need to give up. If you want just simpler graphics programming, there are some decent libraries that will let you do it.

    Just some thoughts.
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    I didnt realy mean it that i prefer simpler but so i have more control over it than the API and its interface like Travis said about opengl.

    I ve been leisurly doing win32 programming for 2 years but as u know u r still under the full watch of windows but still i prefer the do it urself low level DOS like environment.

    im just as RoD said RANTING.

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    I personally don't think DirectX is as bad as some people make it out to be. Sure if you just learned basic C console programs learning DirectX is a GIANT leap ahead of that. However, if you get a firm grasp on C/C++ then learn Win32 then some of the DirectX concepts will be easier to grasp. Just take one step at a time, don't try to learn everything in one day, it takes time.

    P.S. - I program in DirectX and I have tons of fun while doing so.
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