Thread: GLfloat vs float, GLvoid vs void...

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    GLfloat vs float, GLvoid vs void...

    what is the difference/advantage to using things like GLfloat, GLvoid, GLuint..... as apposed to the regular primitive types: float, void, ....

    is there any difference???

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    GLfloat, GLdouble, etc. are more portable.

    In C and C++, there is nothing that says a float has to be a certain number of bytes, same goes for an int, bool, double, etc.

    In the OpenGL standard, GLfloat is 4 bytes, GLdouble is 8 bytes, a GLboolean is 1 byte, etc.

    Here, you want your code to be guaranteed to use the same amount of space for these datatypes, so you should use the GL datatypes whenever you can.

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    i will refer you to page 9 of the OpenGL 1.4 Specification.
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