Thread: OpenGL How much experiance ??

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    OpenGL How much experiance ??

    I was thinking of getting into OpenGL but have no game programming experiance and was wondering how much experiance in c I should have??
    I have heard people say they should start with other things but I really don't want to so thats not an option.

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    You should at least understand the basics. Also you might want to learn the windows API first.
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    As long as you know the c/c++ launguage then you can do it.

    you can look to things like glut, or my own glh library to avoid learning winapi code for now.

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    Angry You

    You suck

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    Uh...Where did that come from?
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    I'd recommend allegro (like i do to everyone)

    [Yes, I realize i've typed that header tons of times lately.. hehe.]

    How about using allegro it's free and easy (except damned installation, but joining a mailing list from the site really helps)

    Allegro has good functions and if you want to move into OpenGL (after getting some good game design done without having to learn design and API at once) AllegroGL is a easy way to use them both in harmony.

    oh yeah, no Windows API needed

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    Only problem is allegro uses images to potray 3d backgrounds and such and I've seen an example of using a 3d enviroment in allegro and it is a lot more complex then the openGL.
    making 3d enviroments is exactly what I wish to get into !!
    The people in my class using allegro I've seen there programs and they well suck! look crappy and don't really do anything and although they are new its bad

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