Thread: LeePong version 1.1 -- new updates

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    LeePong version 1.1 -- new updates

    I added a cool menu to the game. If you guys could test it for me I'd like that. If it works ok so far, then I'll proceed to make more than 1 level. Please test it out and tell me what you think so far. Thanks. (Source and .exe available for download)

    (go easy on me -- its only my first game, and i still haven't learned classes )


    or Here:
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    I would try it, but I figure you're going to have another 3-4 versions out of the game within the next few days. Not to sound like a jerk or anything but typically it's best to only release your final version of your game. Then maybe after you release your final version you could release an update version soon after that (a week/month or so). If you're wanting to have people test the game for you, then you should try to get some friends for you to do it or people you know on this board to do it for you (i.e. PM them). But I find that you get a much better reception on a game when you release the final version. Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say.

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