Thread: sprite rotation in allegro

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    sprite rotation in allegro

    Can someone try using rotate_sprite() in a .c file and then a .cpp file and see if they are having the same problem I am, It doesnt work for me if its saved as .cpp but does as .c. At least I think thats the problem, weird as hell!

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    whats the prototype look like for the function?

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    According to the manual at, the rotate_sprite function is as follows:

    void rotate_sprite(BITMAP *bmp, BITMAP *sprite, int x, int y, fixed angle);

    What exactly is the problem you're having with it? Is the compiler giving you an error message?

    One thing you might try is to write a quick piece of independant code that does nothing but display a rotated bitmap on the screen. That way you can see if the problem is in your implimentation of the function, or in something else in your program.

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    Typically when you use rotate_sprite() in a game you want your variables to be floats to get precies accuracy so here is what you would want to do...

    float x, y, angle
    rotate_sprite(buffer, sprite, int(x), int(y), ftofix(angle) );
    I'm not exactly sure why a .c or a .cpp would cause a problem with it; if you have any problems you can either pm or continue to post here.

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    Im such an idiot!!! I forgot to convert to fix data type, sorry for such a pointles question.

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