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    whoops, sorry for not responding too quickly. I'm at school right now, but SHOULD be home in about an hour. I won't be going to swimming practice because I'm sick

    Anyhow, I made some good updates to it. I'd say it's greatly improved. To answer all your questions:

    1) I used the windows api (do you call that gdi?) nothing fancy. I just made the blocks in the paint program that comes with windows. i learned from theforger's tutorials at and from looking up functions in MSDN. now i actually understand whats going on in all the parts of a windows program. when i started out it was basically copy and paste code from tutorials, but i actually can do it on my own now!

    2) Updates:

    a) Added a "bounce" sound for when the ball hits something
    b) Fixed the bug with collisions (sometimes the ball would slide right through blocks and kill them in one pass, it was just real buggy
    c) Added a "pixel" boost when the ball hits an object, helped to fix collision problems
    d) Improved the "level-making" array design. With the new level you'll see in about an hour, its made up of blocks that start with all different lives (all of them are not 3-lives anymore)
    e) Changed the bitmap for the blocks when they get hit
    f) Made use of WM_TIMER. I actually put the "main game function" inside of WM_TIMER *and* in the main windows loop. if i do it all in WM_TIMER it runs too slow. if i do it all in the windows loop the speed is too different on diff. machines. now the speed should be CLOSER to the same for everyone, but still not THE same.
    g) fixed a resource leak, as well as an annoying bug that would make the paddle slide in a direction and disable you from moving it.

    Once I get home I'll post the new source and new exe.

    Yes, you heard, I'll post the source
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