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    I'm sorry, I just must express my joy in writing a function that would normally take lots of attempts and debugging to get right, but it works now! First compile and run after switching up my whole pong program and it works!

    here it is (please don't laugh because it would be real simple for you to do )
    void InitBlocks()
    	int xcounter = 0;
    	int ycounter = 0;
    	BITMAP bm;
    	GetObject(blockstate1, sizeof(bm), &bm);
    	for(int x=0; x<=399; x++)
    		blocks[x].current_pic = &blockstate3;
    		blocks[x].health = 3;
    		blocks[x].height = bm.bmHeight;
    		blocks[x].width = bm.bmWidth;
    		if(lev1[xcounter][ycounter] == 1)
    			blocks[x].state = true;
    			blocks[x].state = false;
    		blocks[x].x = blocks[x].width * xcounter;
    		blocks[x].y = blocks[x].height * ycounter;
    		if(xcounter == 20) //20 will not be processed
    			xcounter = 0;

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    I see no reason to laugh if it works and does exactly what you want it to do you have successfully created something of use

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