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    2D Programming in OpenGL

    Can someone please point me in the direction a good 2D game programming tutorial for Opengl? I have been to NeHe site, and the OpenGL homepage. However, all these resources are basically for 3D programming on a whole. I much prefer 2D game programming. I would also apperciate any suggestions for a Map Editor for a 2D game as well. If no one has an idea about where to find one of these, I wouldn't mind making one. Thank you in advance for any information you might provide.

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    I would say use SDL if you are just getting into 2D programming. I made my first game in it (its on my geocities website) and it wasn't too hard to learn. I'm planning on making an RPG in the style of either Final Fantasy or Diablo (using very simple gfx of course).

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    usually you do this one of three ways,

    these are described in the most rudimentary sense.

    1. Rasterize everything.

    2. Use textured polygons on an specific type of ortho viewport.

    3. render everything to a texture and then display that.

    i recommend 2 for speed, since 1 is going to be purely software, since virtually no videocards accelerate 2D, and 3, is said to be slow depeding on what you do.
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