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    Talking ROFL 'DB' better then C??

    I don't mean to make an effectively pointless post but I just can't help myself. I saw someone say DB better then C?? ROFL I almost fell of my chair laughing. You must be using a compiler from 1985 if you think that. DB is one of the most useless things that I've ever 'deleted'. HEH!

    I'm back!! I'll do my best to have a look and help with what I can. It's been a very long time but I will do my best to answer any questions I recieve...

    BTW, Great job on the new message board, nice look and feel. (yes, it's been that long) Looks great, keep it up
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    dark basic is kind of point less i relized after i down loaded the demo which does the same as the full version. It is slow and the tutorials suck it was easyer for me to learn c++ and there is alot more resources for c\c++ then db. Also if u ever want a job as a programer they will want c, c++, java, html, and mabey pascal but not basic. Also the c++ syntax requires less writing and is easyer to read. The only advantage to db is that direct 3d is very hard but there is stuff other than diret 3d to pogram 3d with c++.

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    "Also the c++ syntax requires less writing and is easyer to read"

    hmm, i dont know why but i think that:

    print "hello world"

    is easier to write/read then:

    #include <iostream.h> /*thats iostream.h if it doesnt show up cause of html*/

    int main()
    cout >> "hello world";
    return 0;

    but hey, thats just me...

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    D00d, basic is a joke. I used to do basic but now, after i learned a bit of c++, i even kno it's a joke! basic is made for simple progs like "hello world"s and "whats ur name"s not commercial games. it would take over 5-600mb of code to make a commercial game in basic but less then 10mb in c++ (just a little example). db is better then c? huh? what? better for ..........**n on.

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    The only thing I ever used Basic for was to make a simple password program that used keytraps. It is rather simple, and can be easily swerved if somebody put in a boot disk, but I don't trust my BIOS too much, and the people I live with won't know how to get around it.

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    im the guy who said c++ syntax is easyer to to read i dont mean the functions those are ugly but the code it self is clearer because of braces and to declare a function you do not need to write Function the compiler knows thats what u want. Also the dark basic program doesn't do anything to
    make code easyer to read like coloring and swiching back and forth for editor to compiler is a pain.

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    Exclamation C++ vs BASIC

    LOLZ! BASIC sucks, its horrible, its a bad joke... its a begginer's lang for kiddies... you're comparing a newbie lang to a professional programming language... of course BASIC is horrible... its for begginers! If anyone who knows like any C++ says basic is better.... they should have thier compiler strikken from thier hard drive and all cd's donated to newbies. Please... dont be a dumbass:

    // C/C++ is a veery orginized language, that gives you lots of control, and understanding of it, you dont even need main if you use a lib that has it in it.
    #include <stdio.h> // Control
    void main() // More control
    printf("Hello World"); // a ; and () allow much morecomplicated strings and a program to be written all on one line.

    // BASIC on the other hand...
    PRINT "Hello World"
    // Sloppy, no control, cannot write anymore on that line, horrible variables, and missing many.many other FUNDEMENTAL building blocks.


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    I have no clue what darkBASIC is, Im supposing its some sort of graphics. And plus. What are the pros using? darkBASIC? lets look at the creaters of diablo II or Quake III or something, they use darkBASIC?
    hell no!

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    I've never used DarkBasic (don't plan to) but here's an idea:
    make a c/c++ version of DB.

    The compiler would have a canned set of simple source code
    classes, with full documentation. These would be easily modified
    and work if compiled before being modified. It would have fewer
    abilities than MSVC++, however, it would be intended to help with the coding of UIs, Graphics and physics only.

    There would be 2 classes for 3D: 1 for models and 1 to display.
    There would be 2 classes for 2D: same functions as the above.
    There would be 3 physics classes: a 2D physics class and two 3D classes,1 simple and 1 complex. There would also be a text interface, which allowed simple 2D or 3D movement.

    The compiler would output .lib's, .dll's or .exe's. The basic idea of this would be to simplify graphics programing. I would do this, but if I COULD then I wouldn't need this program myself (which I do) and I might not come to this board at all. Like the saying goes, easier said then done.

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