Thread: RPG 2d Game Map Editor?

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    Question RPG 2d Game Map Editor?

    Well, I'm in the process of learning opengl. I was thinking of bringing back one of my previous battle engines and add on a 2d environmental movement gameplay area. Well, heres the thing; I think it's kind'a tedious to create map for map each place. Is there any way I can organize it a little better? I was thinking a map editor, I am creating a full game. Although that could be pretty inafitiant(/sp). What's your opininion? Do you know of any good tutorials for creating map editors or 2d rpg games?

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    Assuming you wrote your game code object oriented like eveyr one should. You should be able to rip out the mapping system of your game, and create a new application with it. But instead of adding game features, add editing features. Changing textures, and walkable paths etc.

    Then add a save function that outputs all the map info into a file format.

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