Thread: Help me describe what is going on here

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    Help me describe what is going on here

    There is something I am confused about with a camera movement tutorial, more specifically with mouse movement (normal windows messaging, not directinput)

    Here is the code I am confused about

    	// Get the direction the mouse moved in, but bring the number down to a reasonable amount
    	angleY = (float)( (middleX - mousePos.x) ) / 500.0f;		
    	angleZ = (float)( (middleY - mousePos.y) ) / 500.0f;
    Shouldn't the zAngle be the horizontal movement (meaning the differnces between the x positions) and the y angle simply be the up/down movement? The zangle is used to find a vector to rotate the up/down movement about. this is weird because when you just examine the y movement the axis rotating about doesn't change! this is from a tutorial,

    Thanks if you can help me

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    it depends on how u use the angley and anglez later right?

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