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    Bouncing ball

    Does any body has the code to make a bouncing ball in a c++ windows application. And If it's possible, I would like a easy way of making it without using graphics.h

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    Since you said you're using Windows I'd say the easiest way would be with GDI, all you'd need is a few variables to hold the current left and top coords, a bitmap of the ball and mask, an hDC and BitBlt().

    Look up BitBlt on MSDN.

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    or u can use allegro

    -its easy to learn!

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    I would recommend SDL. I learned it (the basics) and made a breakout game - all in about 9-10 hours total.

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    To do it very easy and look pleasing to our eye, meaning its not physically correct, just inverse the direction you are moving the bitmap in when you want it to "bounce". post what you have so far

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