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    Question Box Collision


    I am wondering where can i find an adequet tutorial for this subject.

    I need to know how to use this for a side-scroller game i am building.

    All help is appreciated


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    Do you want axis-alligned boxes or ones that can be rotated? Axis aligned is pretty simple and rotated isn't too bad either.

    For both, you generally just want a class which contains info about the box's location, height and width (and orientation if it's not axis-aligned). If you are dealing with axis-aligned boxes it's really simply to do because you are only concerned about vertical and horizontal collision separately, otherwise it's a little bit more complicated but not much.

    Just remember that when you do collision to take into acount the location of the object between updates as well (usually treating the intermediate transition as a linear translation is fine). I'd write more but I'm heading out the door. I'll post again tomorrow if no one else responds by then.

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    Thank-you, i apreciated your post dearly, and am now continueing on my game. thanks!!

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