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    i got a tilebased map from a 2d-array
    the thing is, should i put my character in the array aswell so i can detect collisions etc. this is my first time i'm using a tile based map. if you didnt get understand me just ask and i'll try to explain further.
    thanks i advance

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    I'd say no. Just have your 'character' as a seperate entity, so you can draw him over the map, then redraw that portion of the map later and your character in a new position.

    Create a class with an x,y and your image for the character, and compare the x,y of the character to the map.

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    I will second that.
    As Eibro said, just create a class for your character, and then test the x and y position with your map array. You dont want to be editing the map array all the time.
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