Thread: OpenGL brain killer. (ok maybe not)

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    Post OpenGL brain killer. (ok maybe not)

    Ok, what I understand so far:

    In OpenGL you do everything by specifying the point of a polygon right? (i don't know)

    But if that is the case, then how do you do some complex objects, like a human or a car or a robot or a, you know what I mean...

    So what is up with that, I aint gonna do that point by point.

    Any shortcuts?
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    Use a 3d-modelling program to create your objects.
    Then load them into your application.
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    there i have a question... im a newbee in 3d programming and in game programming... how do "move" this character made by a 3D modelling program? one position from one side of the person is one thing, but the other thing is when the person is moving!?!?!

    i don't want to have function names, just a brief overview about this :-) thx for all!

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    I don't know anything about 3d, but can't the model programs make animations for the 3d model, like a walk animation?

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    Most 3d modellers also have animation features.
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    Yes, of course, but you're always going to have to make a loader for them and something that draws and animates them in the program, or get someone elses code to do it -- what that breaks down to in OpenGL is vertex by vertex function calls (obviously in a loop but that's what it goes down to).

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