Thread: Graphics libraries... Which one?

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    Question Graphics libraries... Which one?

    Hey all,

    I've been getting bored with console-based C++ programming lately and was thinking about doing a little bit of grahpics work in C++ before I move on to full-fledged windows apps. The only problem is, however, that I don't have a graphics library. I've heard some good things about allegro, but I'm wondering what you all think is the best library (for an intermediate coder).

    Thanks again,

    Dead Cell
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    This post sounds like it ought to be in the Game Programming forum. You might get more help that way.

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    Yeah I just figured that out. I've been reading on the C++ board for so long that I lost track of where I was... Sorry 'bout that.
    Linux is great - It does infinite loops in five seconds!

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    SDL is a very nice and easy library:

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    well if you want to do graphics in console and you are a new newbie to graphics and you have no idea what it is .. i sugges you use the old crappy BGI graphics library.. it is very easy to use and i with no proper experience in graphics have managed to create many games such as chess, tic tac toe, bricks, tennis etc etc which have a decent graphics..... Any help PM me...

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    I would go for OpenGL, its pretty easy to use and lets you do anything with 2d or 3d.

    NeHe has tons of good tutorials that can help you learn OpenGL.

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    Me likes allegro if your going to be doing graphics most likely you will be doing sound... and player input at the very least.. Allegro has a bunch of other snuff to,although it is a tad bit bloated its portability,functionality and easy of use are really hard to match.

    Check out for lots of usefull for info

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