Thread: Here's my little x-mas present to all you guys...

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    Cool Here's my little x-mas present to all you guys...

    I made a new game, called ZimLar. It's acutally quite nifty. yes, it's an rpg, and yes, it's text-based. But dont let that turn you off! Remember, I made Xtreme Fight, and you thought that was cool, right? Anywas, please check it out and tell me what you think. Read the readme for instructions.

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    The executable of the same thing

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    Nice idea, sharing your program as a present for x-mas

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    Thats neat
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    First of all, thanks for the great gift. Especially thanks for making your code standard enough to compile properly on my iBook. I have a few suggestions, but before I offer them, I want to say that I think you did a great job. As a fellow programmer I realize how much time and effort you put into that.

    1) Make the program a little more robust. I wouldn't suggest using getch(). When I type in yes, the program jumps 3 moves ahead. I realize that the game was meant to take only single character input, but you still might want to guard against that.
    2) Allow upper case letters e.g. Y or y. This suggestion is rather insignificant.
    3) Allow more to happen at a quicker rate. I'd suggest finagling whatever random function you use to allow for more to happen and less just walking around.

    Once again, thank you for the great gift. I look forward to pouring over your code.

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