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    I've really used classes extensively in one of my games, but
    i din't feel too comfortable for a reason, don't ask why.
    Now i'f looked at namespaces and found it a good alternative
    for the time being, as long as my program's arent HUGE.
    I can write classes just fine, im just not comfortable with them
    that's all

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    You could try here. I am at work (yes, on Christmas eve goddam it.) so I don't have my usual resources available. But a quick search came up with this. It looks as though there could be some useful articles.

    Of course check out some of these sites as I am sure there is some examples or tutorials here :, Programmers Heaven etc.

    I suppose the only advice I can give is keep practising - OO programming just makes so much sense and it is a much sought after skill among employers.
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    THX! i will check it out


    Well u guys managed to convince me to use classes in my program, but i know where to find
    you when my program gets trashed
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