Thread: Ideas for my c++ game for semester project

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    Ideas for my c++ game for semester project

    For our semester project in computer maintenance and service, where the goal is to succeed in the a+ certification test, we have to create a board game with 50 a+ questions.

    I asked the teacher if I could make a computer game, and sounding a little surprised, he said ok.

    So now the question is, what type of game should I make that implements 50 a+ questions, and supports up to 3 players?

    I have already made a space shooter game in allegro, the 'traditional' console games like tic tac toe, half of a space shooter in the windows gdi.

    This game I'm making now will be for windows gdi.

    I'm thinking about making a section of the screen being used for asking the player the question, and then they hit a button (a,b,c,d) for the answer. The questions and answers could be put into 2 50-spot arrays. The answer would actually be only 1 of 4 multiple choice letters. I'd have keep track of this on paper. Then, when they answer a question correctly, their 'meter' goes up. WHen they answer wrong, the 'meter' goes down. I'm not sure by how much, but you get the idea. Each player would have their own meter. This would go either through 50 questions or until a player fills up their meter.

    Any other suggestions?

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    what is an a+ question?

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    lol, that is not the point. anybody?

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    Maybe mix up a game in it, like maybe when someone's meter gets full they can shoot their gun at something, maybe even the other player. Have you ever play a gory educational game? There's originality for ya!

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    What you could do is give somebody a small little game to play (maybe Snake?) depending on the score they received on the quiz. Also, depending on the score they got you could give them a certain amount of lives.

    < 69% - doesn't get to play the game
    70-79% - gets one life for the game
    80-89% - gets two lives for the game
    90-99% - gets three lives for the game
    100% - gets four lives for the game

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    I remember a really old game on the Apple II called "Maths Blaster". Kinda like space invaders, but each ship had a number in it. By selecting the correct number to a math problem you would shoot the ship. It got quite hectic towards the end as the ships started going faster!

    But a variation on that theme could be interesting.
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    What is A+?
    TELL ME!
    I like the fill up the meter and shoot your opponent idea. Maybe when you shoot him HIS meter goes down.
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    Maybe if you're feeling a little creative, you could build something along the lines of a networked game. All of the networking libs for the sockets are available on sourceforge, and they're pretty easy to use. Just have one computer be the "Judge" and build a server program to run all of the connecting computers' variables. Security shouldn't be an option^h^h^h^h^h^hconcern, because you'd be using winsock sockets, and all of your main function calls would be logged by the server software.

    The server should be run in a simple dos-based console mode and be run as a standalone app with no IP checking or gateway authentification. By doing this, your server's footprint will be significantly reduced, while allowing the other programs to be run in the full-on win32 gdi interface you were planning.

    The win32 gdi interface needs only to accept two user inputs to have it run on the server (something like a name and a student number or the like...). Once authentificated by the server, the server will wait until three connections are made. When the three connections are made, it should disallow any other connections (as you should be running three specific boolean operators for the main login). When the connections are closed off, all of the data will be fed to the individual computers based on what the player has done. In this case, all of the players would be using the same software, so you would have to set up three subroutines off the main server's game loop. Each subroutine would hold all of the data for each person/connection. When the connection is lost (for some reason, or you could put in an admin 'feature' as Microsoft would put it, where you can boot off anyone who either is taking up bandwidth or the like...), you would then divide up the rest of the assets among the other players and set everything the booted player has done back to default. by running everything like this, you could minimize the footprint for the players' software as well.

    I think I'm talking a little too much, so I'll leave the rest up to you. I didn't say this had to be easy, but it doesn't have to be overly-complicated either. This is your decision anyway.

    In any event, good luck on your A+ certification!
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    You could possibly do this...

    Just like your meter idea...
    everytime a player answers a question, the other players' meters could go down... and after 50 questions asked, the player with the highest meter wins.... (thats if you want to keep it simple...)
    you can even add a double plus question :P where the program randomly pops up an opportunity for the players to catch up with extra points for a tough question...

    or you could make a jeopardy like game.. where the player chooses a category like "DOS" or "Printer Repair" and ask a question that has something to do with it...

    or a game like "Who wants to be a millionare?" and call it "Who wants to be A+ Certified?" and have the player be asked questions until he gets A+ certified :P and give him four life lines... etc...

    many possibilities... Good Luck.

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