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    Trying out this new book

    I am trying out GAME PROGRAMMING All in One by Bruna Miguel Teixeira de Sousa. Am I on the right path ? Has anyone out there already tried this book out?
    I was recommended a book called Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus but unfortunately couldn't get that book. This one GP All in One has as its series editor Andre La Mothe.
    Any other suggestions ?

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    I haven't read that book but be rest assured most books on the same topic all ultimately contain the same useful information, just with different presentation. I.e the opengl superbible teaches opengl using GLUT, whereas opengl game programming teaches opengl using the win32 api. In short that book is probably fine.

    you might try checking out the ebooks link in my signature, The ebooks contain a lot of useful information (although they are set up weird, can't explain just download them). In fact Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus by lamothe is in there (like 17MB)

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    ummm, that doesn't sound entirely legal.
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    What is legal....... Is there anything you can do with computers nowadays that is still legal??????? (being a student that is)

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    plenty of these books are leagally released for free, none the less they won't do you much good if you don't have an lcd monitor(to much glare otherwise).

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