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    Question alert box

    Does anyone know how to make a alert box pop-up before the program is started. Is their anything in C++ or SDL that can do this?


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    I'm not sure what this is for but you can just display a message box before your program does anything critical. The function is MessageBox( ) look up the param's on MSDN. A simple message box would be

    MessageBox( NULL, "Hello World", "Box Name", NULL );
    Something like this? Or are you looking for something different.

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    Yeah and if you use borland there is this this extremely simple one: ShowMessage("Whatever");
    Well english isn't my first language, (it's instead a useless language called danish which only 5 milion people speak!!) so if you think my grammar SUCKS (it does by the way) than you're more then welcome to correct me.
    Hell I might even learn something

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