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    Looking for some guidance

    I am very interested in learnign about game programming, but I am trying to find a great book to read over holiday. I have 2 semesters of C, and 1 semester of C++ under my belt. I want to have the wife buy me a couple game books for X-Mas, but not sure which ones you guys and gals would recommend. So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also I have heard that I need to learn OpenGL and dx, so any books on those migh tbe helpful.


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    I like OpenGL Game Programming, I have it and read it on a regular basis. I have also heard Secrets of the Game Programming Gurus is another great book. Search for them on

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    How about "Tricks of the WIndows Programming Gurus"? I had a look at it at bookshop, looks very good and complete.

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