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    Starting out

    Hey everyone i was wondering if you guys could give me some help on all the best resources on the internet about learning C++, i am really interested in learning it and i hope to be able to make games once i get to grips with it. i have done a little bit of programming before in Pascal thou, but i still enjoyed it. Is C++ hard to pick up or is it easy once you get into it.
    Also does anyone know of some good books to buy as i am planning on going out and getting a few to help me aswell.



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    Also try searching...this question is not rare

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    Good book: Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days

    Yes, C++ is hard to pick up. You probably want to start out with Java, since it's pretty similar to C++ but a bit simpler (in my opinion). Of course, you could still start out with C++, it's not overly-hard, but you'd better have a really good book handy.
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    I think i will start with C++ may aswell jump in at the deep end, i am planning on going to the shops tommorrow and buying a couple of books ill check that book out you recomended and see what its like.

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    frankly, i think this website is one of the best resources for C++. not only does it have a good and easy to understand tutorial section, but if you ever have any more complex problems, you can always come to the boards and toss code around with the many experienced programmers here.

    what ive learned from personal experience, though, is the single best think to have when coming into C++ is motivation and desire to learn. there is a lot of junk out there to learn about, 95% of which i dont even know yet. just bear with it. start out simple ('hello world' etc..) and add a feature or two each program as you go along. (user input, mathematical calculations, arrays, functions, classes). set a fairly simple goal in mind at first, and then build off of it. make up a dinky little text game and try to program it.

    just hang in there through the first few weeks/months in which you are a total newbie, dont be afraid to ask questions, and try to always have a project on the drawing board.
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    i have found that this website is one of the best resources so far, i have been to others but none of them seem to give help like this one does and the people on the message boards seem friendly too.

    As for the desire for learning C++ i certainly have it, as when i did program in pascal a while back now i got a real sense of acomplishment when i had made a program. Back then i even made a snakes and ladders game for a assignment i did for college.

    Thanks to all you guys for your help and responding so quick, normally on most forums you get people who either dont respond or they write some sort of abbuse.

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