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    open GL

    I want to start game programming and want to know if it is easy enough just starting programming games in open GL. If so do you know of any good sites with tutorials? i'm using visual c++ 6

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    i highly suggest NOT starting in OpenGL. Start with 13h in DOS. It is an excellent starting point. It lets you learn all about how graphics work. Then, once you feel good about graphics, double-buffering, etc., move on to OpenGL. I know many people who use OpenGL who dont know a THING about how graphics really when they make something big, it might look cool, but it is unoptomized and slow. Also, it is your choice on whether you do OpenGL or DirectX when you get to that level. I personally like DX, but it is good to learn both. The more you learn, the better you are.
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    I learned DX with out learning mode 13 and vc++ 6
    doesn't support mode 13 so id just learn a bit of windows gdi and then move on to dx or gl

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