Thread: Tutorial(s) for planning and implementing Textadventures in C

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    Question Tutorial(s) for planning and implementing Textadventures in C

    Hi there,

    I'm a bit bored at the moment, so I'm trying to figure out a nice Textadventure game written in C (yes: I mean C - NOT C++!). My only problem is how to plan my textadventure. It should be a test for me, to see how far I am with learning this language, but it sure should be fun to play, too ;-) Allthough, I ain't got any ideas what the game should be about. I've seen a tutorial about a textadventure in QBASIC in which some people travel to moon in a self made space-ship. But at first, I don't wanna program that game in QBASIC and second, I think it's a bit boring having always the same boring dialogues (you know: anything's wrong with the ship/ -> someone has a solution and everything's allright again... - it's just always the same!!! )

    Now, does anyone of you guys know, where I can find some good tuts about making up textadventures ??? Thx!!!


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    You might try ...I dont know if its C tuts there or what, but hey, its something!

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    This may have something of interest:

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    128 has a lot of good articles.
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