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    gee the moderators actually deleted my thread on the doom III screenshots. I didn't even have the Doom III alpha on there, it was just pictures of it, that is totally lame, especially after one of the moderators admitted to viewing them (he said they were nice screens).

    you people are goofy, and if i could spell hypocrites i'd call you that too.

    and of course this thread will be deleted too because, you know, the cprogramming forums are like the streets of chicago they need to be cleaned up of all the bad people.

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    How about putting the screenshots in the GD board? As well as making this thread a PM to one of the moderators?

    All of these seem like really good ideas if you ask me

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    nevermind i am happy that they didn't delete this thread

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    You could post the public screenshot of D3, they're 100% legal and looks nicer.
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