Thread: Download my Pong variation before I delete it off my site!!!

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    Download my Pong variation before I delete it off my site!!!

    I'm closing my site down so that I can fully concentrate on school and programming. If you put your mind to something you'll do great in it. I'm the alien and my brain is my spaceship, I'm the bird and my brain are my wings. Without it I won't be able to levitate further up in the atmosphere of greatness. I can no longer stay down here, its my destiny to levitate and explore new territories. I must go, but before I exit. Let me post evidence of my past accomplishments.

    All of my publish programs- Enjoy!!
    "A Programmer being told to 'go to' hell sees the 'go to' part of the sentence as the worst part." - Master Foto

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    wow you are alive

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    Hey; haven't hearn much outta you for awhile. Good to hear from ya, Alphabird!

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