Thread: SDL rectangle pointer error

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    SDL rectangle pointer error

    This code compiles fine but the program crashes.

    //global rectangles
    SDL_Rect *player1, *player2, *credits, *exitt;

    //function to set coords of rectangles
    void SetRects(void)
    cout << "in setrects" << endl;
    player1->x = 1;
    cout << "set player1.x" << endl;
    player1->y = 1;
    player1->w = 94;
    player1->h = 26;

    when i run this program (yes there is a lot more to it) i see the screen switch modes, and everything that comes before my call to the function SetRects(), but inside setrects the program crashes, i put in the cout statments to find the error and sure enough, i see the words "in setrects" but i never see the "set player1.x" part. What am I doing wrong in this code?

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    The trouble your having is your dereferencing a stray pointer.
    Probably best to do something like

    struct Player {
    int x, y;

    typedef struct Player Player;

    void init_player(Player* p)
    p->x = 1;
    p->y = 1;

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    ahh yes..

    yeah, thanks, can't belive i didn't see that

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