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    can some body help

    For the project, you have to design and write a C program that implements: a two player game.

    1. You may select any game you want as long as it meets the following requirements:
    a. It has perfect information. (Each player has access to all of the information needed to make the next move for all turns.)
    b. There is no chance involved.
    c. It must be finite. (Have a winner and loser.)
    d. It must be a two player game. One of the players must be the computer.
    e. There must be some variables in the set-up of the game (whether it is regular or mise're, the number of sticks, the size of the board, the number of dots, the number of and size of the piles, ...) that make sure that for some variations of the game A has a winning strategy and if possible, for some other variations of the game B has a winning strategy. (A goes first.)


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    Unhappy plz could one help with this one

    plz plz

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    What is it exactly you're looking for in terms of information? Did you want a suggest for a game to do? If so I would try to keep it easy, since it seems that this is your first game you will be creating; tic-tac-toe or connect four would probably be your two best choices. You can do a search for more info on these games. There are a lot of examples (source code) to look at here.

    Good luck.

    Btw, make sure you read the board FAQ.

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    thanx ..... but i still :(

    TechWins thank u so much ,

    so i just need the code fot any game they want of me.

    if u could help me with it that very nice
    if not i have to thank u abuot the answerd


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    Here's a simple game, it shouldn't be too hard to convert into C:

    // COIN GAME
    //for wait command
    @include "Expansion"
    print "This is a coin game, 21 coins is placed on a table\n"
    print "you may pick up one, two or three coins. The player\n"
    print "who picks up the last coin loses.\n\n"
    //number of coins left
    coins = 21
    //Set a fancy color
    //doesn't work with all operating systems
    system("color 18")
     //Print the number of coins on the table
     call PrintCoins(coins)
     //Get the player's number of coins
     print "\n"
      print "How many coins would you like to pick up? (1-3) :"
      user = input
     //must be valid
     until ((coins - user) >= 0) && (user > 0) && (user <= 3)
     //Pick up the coins
     coins -= user
     //Is it a loss?
     if coins == 0
      system("color 1c")
      print "You lose!!"
      call wait
     computer = 4 - user
     //Pick up the coins
     coins -= computer
     //Is it a win?
     if coins == 0
      print "You win!!"
      call wait
    until coins <= 0
    //Exit program
    procedure PrintCoins(coins)
     print "O "
    until (coins-=1) <= 0
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    Smile thank you (Sang-drax )

    Sang-drax thank you so much

    see u soon

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