Thread: Where is a good place to start?!

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    Where is a good place to start?!

    hi anyone and everyone. . .
    I have been programming in various languages for about 6 years now and have gained enough experience that all i really need to be able to learn a new language is the Syntax (in other words i understand the concepts well enough to learn stuff very fast)
    Now, i've been thinking of starting to learn about game programming for the past few years, but i don't really know where it is i should start, and i'm also worried about starting in the wrong place and backing myself into a corner where i can't push my programming skills any further -- and I don't want to destroy chances of being VERY successful in the future with programming.

    So what i'm asking is this:
    Where is a good place to start learning about what goes behind game programming, and how you would start going about learning it. I am very basic in knowledge of what is involved in game programming-- i don't even know how to set the console to graphics modes, and i'm looking for good books or anything i can learn from to learn how to do everything you need to know to program games. (and i want to learn them WELL)

    if anyone knows please let me know, mainly books that i could read would help the most (the kind i could just pick up at barnes and noble or something like that)

    thanx - (if you want email me with it to
    -please do not mess with the incredible radioactive super-fish... thank you.

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