Thread: loading/rendering bsp in direct3d

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    loading/rendering bsp in direct3d

    does anyone have any sites/samples on this subject?

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    You don't need to read/get/download something specifically written for DirectX. BSP is a general algorithm for organizing your geometry. It provides you with an efficient method for culling invisible geometry as well as perform collision detection. Rendering is completely up to you; you just extract the vertex/face information from the BSP and render it using the API you prefer.

    If you've not read a comprehensive BSP guide/tutorial before, you can check the one at

    It's an excellent 72 page PDF file, discussing the usage of BSP trees, and I believe it'll get you going.

    If you still need some example DirectX implementation, you'll have to do some searching.

    There's some Direct3D8/7 ( both versions are available ) based 3D engine at
    I don't know if it uses BSP or not, but there's a good chance it is.

    Additionally, there's the open source OGRE engine, which can be found through a simple google search or a sourceforge search. The engine supports rendering with OpenGL and D3D, and as far as I recall it supports BSP.
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