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    Cool new user, new game

    Hi I'm new to this place.
    I'm a college student, intermediate programmer,
    and I'm interrested in game programming.
    Here's my first playable game, it's a remake of Pong.
    I did it on C using mode 13h in DOS.

    And most importantly, comments and suggestions are very welcome.
    All my brilliant admirable outstanding creations are here:
    take a look!

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    -- Is it possible to win? If you do win, it should say:
    "You won! Press space"

    --You should make the yellow square smaller

    --(these are just my stupid little ideas): If you want to go ahead and make it a more enjoyable game, it would be cool to have like little floating 'ghost balls' flying randomly around the screen one at a time, and if the user's paddle hits the ball it would cause different effects, like make the paddle slower/faster, make the paddle larger/smaller make the ball move slower/faster, create mutiple balls, (or yellow squares in this case), have it so that if the user misses, it won't count as a miss for one time, have it so that you can't move the paddle for a couple of seconds, etc, etc. You should also have a scoring system, for instance you could add up how many times you hit the ball and when you win you get all those points or lose all those points if you lose, and the person with the most points at the end wins. You could also have a little laser beam that shoots out of the user's paddle when he/she presses space, and when lasers hit the opponant, the opponant loses points.... just some ideas that might be a fun way to help you learn more.
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    Is that what it is called "VGA" programming? I mean the graphics.

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    Your game was very good, but you seem to have the same problem I am having with my keyboard controls. There is always a pause when the arrow key is pressed and held down, and then the paddle moves quickly after a second or so. Does anyone know a way around this?
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    yes, the keyboard

    yes, that slow keyboard makes the game less enjoyable...
    I think it's the getch() function that is slow, hope to get a solution.
    Or maybe I should switch to mouse control...

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    funkydude9, thanks for your ideas, I'm working on them right now,
    I think they're a good way to improve.
    I know, the ball is just a square and the graphics are simplistic,
    it's because I'm having some problems with loading sprites and
    manipulating the different image formats (pcx, m13, spr... what are those ?!)
    I'm also working on improving user input.
    I think it'll take some more time to digest all that.

    I chose DOS programming because I'm convinced it's a good way
    to learn how games work, even if it does not produce high level graphics.

    See you soon, hopefully with the next 'release'.

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